Writings from everyday life

Join us we journey closer to Christ through conversation with Him and about him.

My hope is that through prayer experiences you will grow more intimate with God.  As we grow in our relationship with God, we can not help but to more closely reflect his image.  My prayer is that you will seek God and then go out and share his love with your family, your community and the world.

This site is maintained by Kristine Biddle Rand – Dunamis Prayer Ministry; a ministry of First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

Our Prayer Ministry provides intercessory prayer before, during and after each worship service.  Additionally, our trained prayer team members are be available to offer intercessory prayers for individuals after each worship service.

For people who would like a more private time of prayer, we have trained teams available to pray with you as move towards spiritual, emotional and physical healing and wholeness.


One Response to Writings from everyday life

  1. hi am lawrence frm kenya i have been delighted to find out the good work of God that kristine is doin keep it up be blessed

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