The Perfect Valentines Gift

God  gave us the perfect gift of love over 2000 years ago.  This gift of love is available to all of us, but the great challenge is find a way to receive his love.

Sometimes we don’t know that the true cry of our heart is for affirmation, love and belonging.  Yet we know at some very basic level that we all want to be included in someone’s life.

Often feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt create a barrier to receiving God’s love.

Yet, in John 3:16-17, we read that God so loved a broken, unredeemed, guilty, shameful and unworthy humanity, that he sent his only Son, so that when we believe in him we will have eternal life.  For God did not send his son to point an accusing finger at us, but instead came to show us a way to come home to the love of God.

I hope you will open his gift of love and remember that through the work of the cross you are purified, cleaned and redeemed.

What a great Valentines gift!

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