“Surely, I had a mother”

The true cry of every heart is to be loved unconditionally.  We want to know that someone greater, wiser and more powerful cares for us and will protect us.  This is a universal yearning that can only be fully satiated by God.  Yet, here on earth, we receive hints of God’s love through good parents. 

In my work as a therapist, I am keenly aware of the long-term implications of growing up without a mother or of not having a psychologically healthy mother.  As these children grow into teens and adults, they suffer with feelings of low self-worth, depression, anxiety and anger.  It is hard to undo years of abuse or neglect. 

Yesterday, I interviewed the mother’s of the Joy Home to find out why they were doing this meaningful, yet difficult job.  All of these women feel called by God to minister to these children.  Mother Joyce stated that her reward will be to know that the children will one day say, “Surely, we had a mother.” 

These Joy Home mothers will make an eternal difference in the lives of their young children because these children will have their “mother hunger” satiated through experiencing the love, nurture and discipline of a loving parent. 

The love a good parent points to our good father in heaven.  We have a father who loved us sacrificially and put on flesh and blood to suffer a humiliating and painful death on the cross as atonement for our sins.  

Lord, let these children join us as we cry out “Abba, Father” (Daddy, Daddy) to you.  Help them to know that you are a good father who cares about our everyday lives, challenges and troubles.  Father, help these children accept the love of their mother that points to your eternal love.  I pray that these children will know that they are precious, valuable and beloved.  Lord, let them know beyond a doubt that you are good, that you are present and that you care. 

Let them one day say, “Surely, we have a father in heaven who hears our cries.”

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One Response to “Surely, I had a mother”

  1. Becky says:

    God bless you during these days at the Joy Home, Kristine. We all love you and are so proud of what you are doing.

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