Why does God call me to pray for those who hurt me?

Day two of my new early morning prayer practice and I am already seeing changes.

The changes however are within me.  I prayed this morning (early again).  Then as I was making my bed, I had the thought (from God?) that I needed to pray for someone who recently wounded me .

This person does not deserve my love.  In fact, they will probably never apologize for wounding me.  Yet, there was the thought….”pray that you will love this person”.

I wish I could say that I immediately dropped to my knees and began praying, but the truth is that I just kept ruminating on the thought that this person does not deserve my love.  Yet, I know, that I don’t deserve the love of the Father.  I don’t deserve the gift of grace and forgiveness.

As my morning progressed, I found myself asking a trusted group of friends if they would pray that I would be filled with love toward this person.

It is now evening and I still don’t love this person who wounded me, but miraculously the bitterness and malice that I felt toward this individual has been lifted.

Lord, change me.  Not my will, but thy will…..

© [The Center for Prayer & Spiritual Growth; a ministry of First Presbyterian Church,Norfolk,Virginia] and [www.thewayofprayer.com], [2012]

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