DAY 27: Today we lift up the northern Africa sub-Saharan countries of Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Niger and Sudan


You are the Triune God….. 

Lord, you are the triune God. You are God who manifests in three and yet, you are one.

You are complete in your relationship with yourself. Yet, you desire a relationship with me. I want to know you better. Lord, I pray that the “God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give [me] a spirit of wisdom and revelation as [I] come to know [you]” (Eph. 1:17).


Lord, reveal to me any form of pride, lack of love, unforgiveness, or bitterness….  

Please show me any unholy practices or areas of disobedience to you…..  

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love…blot out my transgressions…and cleanse me from my sin” (Psalm 51)….  


Thank you Lord for forgiving and forgetting my sins….  

Thank you for those things that you have already done in my life (even those things that don’t feel good)…. 

Thank you for the things that I know you will do…. 

Write down a few of the people, events or things that you are thanking Him for today: 


(a) Pray for the world: Northern Sub-Saharan Africa: Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Niger and Sudan 

Lord Jesus, I thank you that the Muslim nation, Niger, is open for the gospel, and that there is encouraging spiritual openness among its peoples. Please give courage and strength to the recent converts from Islam as there is considerable social and cultural pressure to remain in or revert to Islam. I pray for a critical mass of open, practicing Christians that begins larger movements of Nigerians to Christ. 

Raise up righteous leaders in Chad who can help bring stability and justice to a country widely viewed as the world’s most corrupt nation. Lord, I praise you for continued religious freedom in Chad, one of the few Muslim-majority countries where Christian workers are welcomed. Father I thank you that the number of Muslims seeking to learn more about Christ continues to grow and the number of new Christians from this community is slowly beginning to multiply. Lord, awaken Christians to the potential rich harvest for the kingdom as there are more unreached peoples in Chad than in any other African country.  

Lord I grieve with you for your people in Sudan where more than two 2 million have died through war, genocide and famine in the past three decades. Lord, I lift up Sudan and pray that peace might prevail and that those guilty of perpetuating violence and disorder may be stopped and brought to justice. I am thankful for the recent peace accords and creation of a new southern Sudanese state. I praise you that in the midst of this  suffering, the Christian population has increased tenfold and now numbers eleven million.  Lord I pray that the Church might play a central and redemptive role in shaping the future of the south. Lord, I pray that world will rise up and insist that the Northern Sudanese end the practice of enslaving their southern brothers and sisters (est. 30,000 – 40,000 in slavery). 

Father, I know that you have a plan for Eritrea even through their devastation by war and drought. I ask that you intercede in this governmental system which imprisons tens of thousands of citizens, tortures at will, and pursues a systematic policy to eradicate evangelical Christians and churches. Please have compassion on the over 3,000 Eritrean Christians who are currently imprisoned for their religious beliefs. Let their testimonies draw people into a life-giving relationship with you. 

Lord, offer comfort to the state of Ethiopia, which has been ravaged by famines, crippled by hostilities with neighbors, and fragmented by ethnic factions. I praise you for the tenfold increase of Christians in the last four decades (now 20% of the population). Protect Ethiopia from Islamitization and let it remain a bastion of Christianity in North Africa. Lord please shield Christians from violent attacks from Muslims and use the unjustness of these attacks to attract Muslims to consider Jesus. Father, I pray for better harvests, wise economic governance and outside assistance rightly applied.

(b) Write down the names of people who you are praying for today (especially the unchurched):

(c) Pray for your personal needs: 


“Give ear to my words, O Lord; give heed to my sighing.  Listen to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you I pray.  O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I plead my case to you, and watch.” (Psalm 5)…. 

“For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever…Amen”

© [The Center for Prayer & Spiritual Growth; a ministry of First Presbyterian Church,Norfolk,Virginia] and [], [2011]

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