DAY 10: Today we lift up the Southwestern European countries of France; Spain; Andorra; Portugal; Gibraltar; San Marino; Malta; Italy


You are Wisdom and the source of all wisdom… 

“For you, O Lord give wisdom; from your mouth comes knowledge and understanding” (Prov. 2:6)….You are perfectly wise.  You know what is best and you do not make mistakes.  Your wisdom is perfect…perfectly timed…perfectly placed and perfectly executed… 


Lord, reveal to me any form of pride, lack of love, unforgiveness, or bitterness….Please show me any unholy practices or areas of disobedience to you….. 

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love…blot out my transgressions…and cleanse me from my sin” (Psalm 51)…. 


Thank you Lord for forgiving and forgetting my sins….  

Thank you for those things that you have already done in my life (even those things that don’t feel good)…. 

Thank you for the things that I know you will do…. 

Write down a few of the people, events or things that you are thanking Him for today: 


(a) Pray for the world:  Southwest Europe:  France; Spain; Andorra; Portugal; Gibraltar; San Marino; Malta; Italy

Lord, I ask that you continue to bless the fast-growing minority churches of France, Spain, and Italy, especially Africans, Antilleans, Eastern Europeans, Latin Americans and Gypsies. The passion and faith of these groups bring new verve to evangelicalism, but they suffer a negative bias from local government and media because they tend to attract the poorest and most vulnerable of society.  Lord, I ask that you intercede and lift the restrictions that are often placed on non-Catholic groups so that they can operate legally with the necessary permits and licenses.  I pray for wisdom and strength for these congregations that are often very small, poor and dependent on foreign resources.  

Lord, I lift up the nations of France, Spain, Italy and Andorra where occultism continues to be alarmingly widespread.  Many people are disillusioned and are seeking fulfillment through Satanism, Occultism, Eastern and esoteric spirituality and New Age or pagan practices.  There are ten times more people earning a living in occult practices (soothsayers, prognosticators, healers, etc.) than evangelical pastors and missionaries in France and three times more in Italy.  I pray that those who are seeking answers through occult practices will turn away from them and toward you.  Lord, I ask for a deep work of the Holy Spirit to equip and train workers with the theological understanding and spiritual maturity to make an impact for eternity. 

Lord, I pray that you will increase the number of workers who reach out to the millions of French, Spanish and Italian Muslims.  Southern Spain and Southern Italy are key base areas for many agencies committed to evangelizing Muslims from North Africa; yet, very few have been won to Christ.  I pray for Muslim hearts to be opened to your truth and for workers to respond to your call to effectively reach out to the Muslims with love and truth. 

Lord, I lift up the nearly 50 million French people who have no real link with a Christian church.  One third of the French people are non-religious less than 10% own a Bible and 80% have never even touched a Bible!  Lord, I pray that you would soften the hearts of the French towards your message as there is increased hostility and suspicion toward organized religion.  I pray that the relativism of postmodernity which has generated acute emptiness and existential angst; will create a spiritual hunger that will only be satisfied by an encounter with your son, the Christ.  Please raise up Christians who are prepared to patiently and relationally share Jesus with those who seek.  Lord, I ask that you will activate Believers who will reveal Jesus Christ as Messiah through words and actions to the half million plus French Jews, most have never attended a synagogue service.  

Father, the end of Spain’s dictatorship brought religious freedom and economic advancement, but it has also struck a crushing blow to traditional foundations of society and created a spiritual vacuum that is being filled with many dangerous elements.  Around two million Spaniards (most of them young people) constitute the world’s heaviest users of cocaine, heroin and marijuana.  It is estimated that 15% of net household income is spent on gambling.  Immorality, prostitution and abortion are common.  The younger generation rejects the idea of absolute truth and less than 14% of young people describe themselves as religious. Only you can open the eyes of Spain to see the lies that have blinded them to the truth of the gospel.  Lord, I ask that you send renewal to Spain so that they will discover that a relationship with Jesus is the only path for healing and wholeness. I pray for Christian workers to be called to less-evangelized areas: Castilla Leon; Andalucía; Extremadura; Galicia; Asturias; Cantabria and the Basque country.  

Lord, I lift up Portuguese people who are predominantly Catholics in name only. In some southern areas, less than 3% attend mass.  Lord, your church needs renewal and I ask that you send your Holy Spirit to work so that many are freed from traditionalism and encounter the Scriptures and the Savior in a meaningful way. The Protestant denominations have suffered some acrimonious splits, and I ask for an anointing upon the spiritual leaders so they can focus on major core elements of the faith.  Please bless the ministries focusing on the youth, many of whom feel spiritually empty and thus experiment with drugs (over 50% have tried drugs).  I pray for the churches to gain a vision to reach the Ukrainian immigrants – many of these are unevangelized but open to the gospel. 

Lord, I lift up Gibraltar, a popular tourist destination which employs several thousand Moroccan, Hindu and Jewish guest workers. Muslims working in or visiting Gibraltar are very open to receive Christian material and to hear about Jesus.  I pray that your spirit will excite local congregations to have a passion for outreach. 

I pray for the Sammarinese people who are Catholic by tradition and culture.  Lord I ask for a revival in San Marinoso that your people will boldly witness and proclaim your truths to visitors and guest workers. 

Lord, I lift up Malta which was the first nation in Europe to embrace Christianity, after the Apostle Paul shipwrecked on the island.   The majority of Maltese regularly attend mass, but do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   I pray that your spirit will move the Maltese into a deeper relationship with your son and they will serve as a beacon of Christ’s light and hope to her immigrants (legal and illegal) and North Africa. 

Lord, I lift up the Italians, most of whom are culturally Catholic, but increasingly cynical about the Church.  Less than 15% (but as low as 3%) of Italians faithfully practice Catholicism. Lord, I thank your for the work of the Catholic charismatic movement which has had some success sharing the gospel message. I pray that the millions of Italians, either locked in dead traditions or disillusioned by organized religion, will discover the living Christ.  Lord, I lift up Christian Literature and Bible distribution ministries which have not had a wide impact due to Italians’ reluctance to read.  I pray for a hunger for your word and for a desire for wholesome Christian literature. Lord, I ask that you bring judgment upon the organized crime networks which have infiltrated every level of society (including local and federal governments). Lastly, please give an extra measure of your presence to evangelical congregations (Protestant and Catholic) so that they can work together to bring revival and build ministries that will effectively reach the Italian people.  

(b) Write down the names of people who you are praying for today (especially the unchurched):

(c) Pray for your personal needs: 


“Give ear to my words, O Lord; give heed to my sighing.  Listen to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you I pray.  O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I plead my case to you, and watch.” (Psalm 5)…. 

“For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever…Amen” 

© [The Center for Prayer & Spiritual Growth; a ministry of First Presbyterian Church,Norfolk,Virginia] and [], [2011]

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