DAY 8: Today we lift up the Northern Europe Countries of Iceland; Faeroe Islands; Ireland; United Kingdom; Norway; Sweden; Finland and Denmark


You are the Immutable God…. 

O Lord, you never change.  Your unchanging nature means that you are dependable.  As time passes, everything seems to change:  mountains, deserts, people … but you never, never change! 

I never have to wonder if you are too tired to hear my plea.  I never have to worry whether you are in a bad mood.  I can come to you at anytime and you are ready to receive me and hear my voice.   I am thankful that you are unchangeable and will not compromise.  You have proclaimed, “For I, the LORD, do not change” (Malachi 3:6). 


Lord, reveal to me any form of pride, lack of love, unforgiveness, or bitterness….Please show me any unholy practices or areas of disobedience to you….. 

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love…blot out my transgressions…and cleanse me from my sin” (Psalm 51)…. 


Thank you Lord for forgiving and forgetting my sins….  

Thank you for those things that you have already done in my life (even those things that don’t feel good)….Thank you for the things that I know you will do…. 

Write down a few of the people, events or things that you are thanking Him for today: 


(a) Pray for the world: Northern Europe: Iceland; Faeroe Islands; Ireland; United Kingdom; Norway; Sweden; Finland and Denmark

Lord, I ask you to awaken the Icelandic people and orchestrate a revival that will touch every person and aspect of life.  I lift up some of the more isolated areas that are spiritual wastelands, with almost no active Christianity at all.  I thank you for a segment of Lutherans who faithfully follow you and have actually produced a surplus of young trainees who are “exported” to serve in congregations abroad!  

I thank you for the recent move of the Holy Spirit in the Faeroe Islands.  I pray for the continued work of your Spirit so that they will truly be Christ followers.  I ask for wisdom as these new Christians engage the postmodern and secular attitudes that increasingly challenge the primacy of the Bible and Christian tradition.  

Lord, I lift Ireland and I thank you for the recent work of your spirit in bringing peace between Catholic and Protestant groups.  I ask that all Christians might work toward shared Kingdom-goals. I pray for the Irish nation to rediscover its ancient heritage of deep and profound faith in Christ.  Please bring to fruition the vision of some Christian leaders who speak of a 20/20 vision, wherein 20% ofIreland’s population will have a personal relationship with Christ by the year 2020. 

Lord, I lift up Norway which remains proportionally one of the top missionary sending nations.  Yet, they face a challenge of focusing on home missions. About 90% of Norwegians are church members, but only 4% of the nation attend church on any given Sunday and less than 10% of young people are committed Christians.  More than half doubt or don’t believe in the existence of God. I pray for the roots ofNorway’s rich Christian past to be reestablished. I thank you for the recent lay movement of mission houses (informal modes of worship, prayer and community) which bring high levels of member-commitment to congregational life and to missions. I pray that the youth ministries will have a powerful and lasting impact on lives. Lord, bring revival. 

Lord, I thank you for the United Kingdom’s contribution to global Christianity – from Wycliffe and Tyndale to the Alpha Course and 24-7 prayer.  Yet, there has been a severe decline of a Christian worldview and values.  Please Lord, please bring revival to the UK and restore their spiritual vigor.  I pray that nominal Christians will recover confidence in the gospel and boldness and passion to share it – lovingly and unapologetically – with the majority who have little concept of its content.  I thank you for the recent “Reverse mission” trend which has brought about 1,500 Christian missionaries into the UK from the Americas, Africa and Asia. Immigration has also brought many unevangelized peoples right onto the doorstep of gospel-oriented churches. I praise you for this twin blessing and pray that both might be fully utilized to see new churches planted, new peoples reached and Jesus glorified. 

Lord, I lift up your servants who are working with the many Muslims in Northern Europe.  In most of these countries, Muslim numbers are increasing faster than evangelicals.  I pray for more awareness, more workers and more resources for this challenging task.  Please raise up believers who will reach out to them in friendship and Christian love. 

I lift up the over 100,000 Sami nomadic people of Lapland (Northern Norway,Finland and Sweden) who speak four languages, and retain some of their traditional culture. I pray that there might be an authentic Saami expression of the presence of Christ.  Please bless the ministries who translate the Bible and publish Christian materials in Saami as this is a slow and expensive process.  

I pray for that you will shake and refine  the Church of Sweden where Liberal theology and practice dominate – from endorsing same-sex marriage to universalism and rejecting the divine authority of Scripture.  I grieve that only 23% of people believe in a personal God and it is difficult to express a biblical faith in public or in the academic sphere without deprecation and opposition.  I pray that you will raise up outstanding Christian speakers and thinkers who can establish the legitimacy and indeed the superiority of a classical biblical worldview in the marketplace of ideas.  

Lord, I lift up Finland where humanism, secularism and materialism have strongholds and only 8% of Finns attend any kind of religious service monthly.  I pray for spiritual hunger and renewal that will cause people to seek you.  Raise up believing and godly leaders of confirmation camps (a high proportion of Finnish young people attend these) who can effectively disciple and grow the next generation into a living faith in Christ. I am thankful for the growing number of younger, more evangelical Lutherans and I pray that you will open doors for them to have a great revitalizing effect on the national Church. 

I pray for renewal for the people of Denmark so that they will rediscover the faith that has shaped so much of the nation’s history and society. Regrettably, 50%o of the population is reported to be agnostic or atheist.  I ask that you give wisdom to those who seek to transform the Church and make it relevant to secular Danes.  I pray for leaders to be raised up who are able to communicate Christ with the Danish postmodern youth culture. There is a shortfall of pastors and I pray for the provision of capable and godly leaders.   

(b) Write down the names of people that you are praying for today (especially the unchurched):

(c) Pray for your personal needs:  


“Give ear to my words, O Lord; give heed to my sighing.  Listen to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you I pray.  O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I plead my case to you, and watch.” (Psalm 5)…. 

“For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever…Amen” 

© [The Center for Prayer & Spiritual Growth; a ministry of First Presbyterian Church,Norfolk,Virginia] and [], [2011]

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